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About Us


About Pensacola Spinal Centers

Dr. Lyle Burkhardt is the owner of Pensacola Spinal Centers. He is excited to continue servicing the greater Pensacola area. He has extensive training in automobile crash rehabilitation, structural spinal curve restoration, and spinal health and wellness. He and the staff are excited to provide exceptional care to the existing and new future patient's of Pensacola Spinal Centers. 


Dr. Lyle Burkhardt DC

Owner and chiropractor at Pensacola Spinal Centers. He has an advanced certification in Whiplash and Traumatic Brain Injuries and basic certification in Chiropractic Biophysics. Dr. Burkhardt specializes in automobile crash victim rehabilitation and spinal curve correction.


He also works with athletes of all levels, most notably working on NFL players from the New Orleans Saints and college basketball players from the University of New Orleans.

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