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About Us

About Pensacola Spinal Centers

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Pensacola Spinal Centers prides itself in being a non-surgical spinal injury center, specializing in spinal trauma related to motor vehicle accidents. Our advanced x-ray analysis identifies spinal instabilities, injuries that go undetected on MRI. These "hidden injuries" are commonly a source of chronic pain post trauma. If left untreated, published research shows these spinal instabilities cause accelerated spinal degeneration, radicular-like symptoms, spinal cord irritation, and chronic pain. We have extensive training in automobile crash rehabilitation, disc herniation management,  structural spinal curve restoration, and spinal stabilization. We serve the areas of West Pensacola, Central Pensacola, Perdido Key, Bellview, Myrtle Grove, Warrington, and even eastern Alabama.


Dr. Lyle Burkhardt DC

Owner and chiropractor at Pensacola Spinal Centers. He has an advanced certification in Whiplash and Traumatic Brain Injuries and basic certification in Chiropractic Biophysics. Dr. Burkhardt specializes in automobile crash victim rehabilitation , disc herniation management, and spinal curve correction.


He also works with athletes of all levels, most notably working on NFL players from the New Orleans Saints and college basketball players from the University of New Orleans.

Dr. Kevin Huffman DO

Dr. Huffman is an osteopathic physician with over 35 years of experience treating injured athletes and auto injuries like whiplash and back pain.  He has treated thousands of car accident patients in comprehensive injury centers over the past three decades working side by side with chiropractic physicians, physical therapist, pain management physicians, orthopedic physicians, and neurosurgeons

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