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Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments and more


A Wide Range of Adjustments

From a manual spinal manipulation to drop and instrument assisted, we treat your spine with the force it needs. Traditionally chiropractic adjustments were done by hand, and that's our specialty. But, not all chiropractic adjustments have to be done by hand. By using instruments such as an Activator, Impulse and Arthorstim adjusting instrument, we can gently adjust any spine of any age for any condition. 


Non-surgical spinal decompression is an ideal treatment for acute and chronic disc herniations. This procedure has success where basic chiropractic treatment has failed. 

Non-surgical Decompression

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Active Rehab Exercises

We perform active exercises in office to stretch the ligaments and rehabilitate the muscles. This helps ensure longer relief by fixing the underlying structures, not just temporary pain relief. 


Radial Pressure Wave

Radial pressure wave therapy was designed to treat plantar fasciitis, but can be used for anything from trigger points to tennis elbow to shoulder impingement. Success is found by reducing pain and activating connective tissue With short treatment times combined with only 4-6 treatments, relief is on the way. 

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